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Hartham Masters Swimming Club

Can I try before I commit myself?

Yes you can!

We are more than happy for you to come along and try the sessions out. It sometimes takes 6 weeks to decide whether you want to commit yourself to a club. You just need to pay on a 'pay as you go' basis (see fee information below - tbc).


All that we ask is that you email the Club Secretary just to say hello and that you may be coming along. We will be able to answer any further queries you may have before you turn up. If I decide to keep coming what happens then? We give you a 'new members pacl', which has the joining instructions and asks you to decide how you'd like to pay for the sessions you swim. Access works on a 'member' or 'non-member' basis whichever suits your situation best.


The current 2016/17 Season fees

Following our December 2016 AGM and taking into account increased pool fees, we have reviewed our current fees.

As of January 2017, our monthly membership will be £20.00 (paid by Direct Debit). This includes ASA Membership, pool hire and all coaching fees.

Pay as you go will be available for members of other swimming clubs who are registered with the ASA for £5.00 per swim (ASA number required).

PAy as you go for non-swimming club members will be £10.00 per swim subject to a maximum of 4 PAYG swims.

For new swimmers there are still the free 'taster swims' up to a maximum of 3 swims

Please contact us with any questions.


So what's the difference between being a 'member' or 'non-member'

If you think that you will attend regularly then you would be advised to take out full membership which gives you voting rights and other benefits as they arise, and is a cheaper per session in the long run. However if you feel that you can only attend once in a while (e.g. because of work commitments etc.) but still want access then you may prefer to pay on a 'non-member' rate - but you won't have any voting rights or receive any other benefits due to full members.

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