Hartham Masters Swimming Club
Hartham Masters Swimming Club

About the Club

We pride ourselves on being a friendly club for adult swimmers (over 18's). The club formed in 1997 in response to the change in provision of Saturday morning, adult only, swimming sessions run by the council at the time. We have been going strong since then with many founding members still swimming and new members joining along the way.


We swim weekly, early Saturday morning, (7 - 8am at Hartham Leisure Centre, Hertford) and enjoy the sessions directed by our club coach. These sessions cater for swimmers of all abilities (who can swim at least 25 metres / 1 length of a recognised stroke) and who want to develop fitness, stamina, stroke technique or endurance.


Our current membership stands at around 30 with an age range from 25 -80 years.


Swimming is a great way to stay fit or regain your fitness. Many members swim to help them recover from injury or to maintain their levels of fitness and have fun in the process. Some members use swimming as a form of cross training for other sports that they take part in e.g. running/cycling or Triathlon. Others come to us having been advised to undertake specific swimming exercise by their GP's or Medical Advisors.


So what is a Master swimmer?

Although our title suggests that we are all 'Masters' swimmers, the name actually relates to Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) competitions for 25 yrs and older called 'Masters'. Most of our members will take part in local competitions held under ASA rules and we therefore have to have an ASA membership to enable us to do this. We also welcome swimmers already ASA registered with other Clubs and provide 'dual registration' if required.


However, there is no pressure to enter competitions or other events (eg. Swimathons), although this is a good way to monitor fitness through improved performance, There is also a good team spirit, when we do enter for an event.


Do we swim at any other time of the week?

Unfortunately we only have 1 session per week. We are a non-profit making club and try lo keep a balance between meeting the costs of running the club sessions and keeping the membership cost down as much as possible. However, many of the members also swim at other times in the week in other local pools during public lane swimming sessions - keeping each other company, or by using our reciprocal membership arrangement with Hertford Swimming Club, who meet on a Thursday evening at Hartham Pool.

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